Cross 20 Inch 24 cm Jongens V-Brakes Zwart/Groen

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AMIGO Cross Boys Bike Be ready to be a speed devil with the AMIGO Cross! Take on the pedals...meer
Productinformatie "Cross 20 Inch 24 cm Jongens V-Brakes Zwart/Groen"
AMIGO Cross Boys Bike Be ready to be a speed devil with the AMIGO Cross! Take on the pedals and maneuver through the streets. The strong brakes bring every kid to a stop in time and the reflectors immediately stand out in the dark. The perfect boy’s bike for any racing monster! Front and Rear Brake At AMIGO, safety and quality are one of our top priorities. That starts with good brakes! You will be able to rip and ride on any terrain that they come across – especially with the easy-to-use coaster brake. These are reliable brakes, perfect for safe stops and awesome skids. Isn’t that what a bike is all about? Never Lose Control Details make perfection, we are convinced of his at AMIGO. The handles of the AMIGO Sports are therefore provided with a raised edge. That way, the hands stay on the wheels and they don’t slip away halfway through a stunt. The raised edge ensures that they stay close to the hand brakes: Safety guaranteed! Sturdy Tires With a mountain bike, you expect an experience with lots of fun. The strong tires ensure that you do not have to doubt any of that. Due to the sturdy profile, it makes it easy to take your bike off the road. They are made for any terrain and are supported by equally sturdy aluminum rims. The Bike for You Are you looking for a cool and robust BMX bike? Then the AMIGO Cross is your ideal candidate! The cool color combination makes you visible in traffic. Whether you are cycling in the woods or on the way to school, everyone will glance at your new bike! AMIGO At AMIGO we have a cycling buddy for anyone! The bike is crafted through a Dutch design for a welcoming price. Children take their first little trips through the streets with these cheerful bicycles. The sturdy side wheels help the children to gain confidence and maintain their balance. The bicycles have a stable frame and are available in numerous colors and different tire sizes. Will AMIGO be your next best friend? Algemene specificaties: Kleur: zwart/groen Geslacht: jongens Materiaal frame: staal Gewicht: ca. 12 kg Banden: zwarte luchtbanden AMIGO Storm 20 x 2.00 inch (50-406) Velgen: enkelwandige aluminium velgen Versnellingen: 1 Specificaties maten: Wielmaat: 20 inch Framemaat: 24,4 cm Zadelhoogte: 58 cm (in de laagste stand, gemeten vanaf de grond) Zadelhoogte verstelbaar: ja Specificaties remmen: Type achterrem: v-brake Type voorrem: v-brake Specificaties verlichting: Voorlicht: reflector Achterlicht: reflector Specificaties accessoires: Kettingkast: gesloten kettingkast Fietsbel: ja Fietsstandaard: ja


Materiaal velgen: Aluminium
Gewicht in kg: 12
Verende zadelpen: Nee
Met vering: Nee
Aantal versnellingen: 1
Type versnellingen: Geen
Voorlicht: Reflector
Remsysteem voor: V-Brake
Bekende karakters: Geen personage
Wielmaat: 20 Inch
Uitvoering crankstel: Single
Taal handleiding: Engels, Nederlands
Verende voorvork: Nee
Geslacht: Jongens
Met voordrager: Nee
Remsysteem achter: V-Brake
Lichaamslengte: 110 - 115 cm
Producttaal: Geen taal
Stuurpen: Vast
Gewichtscategorie: 11-15 kg
Doelgroep: Kinderen
Fabrieksgarantie: 1-2 jaar
Framemaat: 24 cm
Kleur: Zwart, Groen
Frametype: Low Frame
Achterlicht: Reflector
Soort fiets: BMX fiets
Materiaal: Staal
Remsysteem: V-Brakes
Meegeleverde fietsonderdelen: Geen
Met duwstang: Nee
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